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Main St. $marts

who got us into this economic mess and how we get through it...

by Grace Ross

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With many of us troubled and frustrated, Grace shares what we're not being told, and discusses what we can do to reverse cuts, foreclosures and job losses, and transform our schools, neighborhoods, health care and our futures. ... More about the book

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"Grace Ross was an incredible gift to the 6 million people of Massachusetts when she ran for governor. Main St. $marts is her next gift - the truth about our economy and what needs to be done for the people of our state - clear, powerful and irrefutable,"

Representative David Flynn, Dean of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

"Grace Ross is very well-informed. She speaks directly and concisely.”

Barbara Kohin, former Worcester City Councilor

"Grace Ross always seems to be in all the right places on all the right issues, taking strong positions and explaining them in ways that make them accessible to regular people. Main St. $marts shows once again her willingness to tackle today's toughest problems in a manner that engages with and informs the people of our Commonwealth."

Scott Harshbarger, former Massachusetts Attorney General (1991-1999).

"Main St. $marts is so important. Grace Ross is bringing light to issues that they try to obscure.”

Maritza Cruz, Worcester

"Main St. $marts is a must read because Grace Ross makes the undeniable case that corporate and financial elites, and not those of us who work for a living, undermined our economy. Working people have suffered the most from the dishonest misdeeds of corporate elites. She's spot on in her analysis that to reverse the vicious downward cycle caused by business and our leaders' fox in the henhouse approach to government, we need to re-establish the proven cycle where everyone wins because financially stable working families are able to drive our economy like we used to."

Robert Haynes, President, Massachusetts AFL-CIO

"Main St. $marts is a gem, a step toward taking the moral leadership of Massachusetts The battle of ideas - of how to frame this crisis, how to understand who we are, what our possible destiny is, who are our friends, who are our potential allies, who and what are we up against, is critical - and up for grabs.

Your book - and your leadership - have never been needed more.”

Chris Horton, retired teacher and Democratic Party activist

"Finally, someone who cares about people instead of politicians and big business."

Kelly Bates, Roslindale

"Grace Ross lays out a plan to recovery that brings new ideas and innovations to the forefront and respects the contributions that all of us bring to the table. Anyone concerned about the future of the Commonwealth should pick up Main St. $marts."

Cara Lisa Berg Powers, Author, By Any Media Necessary

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